Invisalign for Teens in North Haledon NJ

With “brace face” becoming a thing of the past, teens all over North Haledon NJ are taking advantage of this new system.  Invisalign is a sophisticated technological innovation that straightens teeth with clear, plastic retainers that are designed to gradually align your teeth to the perfect position. With teens in mind Invisalign has developed Invisalign Teen, a new method similar to the original clear braces system, but this keeps the growing teenage mouth in mind and allows the teeth to still develop while being straightened. Each teen who uses Invisalign Teen receives multiple sets of aligners that they wear for about two weeks, and then are replaced with another until the teeth are straightened to perfection.

Although this is a commitment, do not worry; Dr. Lorino recommends this system for nearly every teen all across North Haledon because Invisalign Teen is:

$1·         Clear and unnoticeable

$1·         Removable for meals and brushing

$1·         Super comfortable

$1·         Customized just for you

We at Smiles by Lorino promise all of our patients beautiful, healthy smiles. If you are interested in Invisalign Teen, or any other orthodontic appliance, please contact Dr. Lorino, located in Franklin Lakes NJ or Long Hill NJ. We hope to see you soon for your consultation to transform your smile!